Product Features

High-definition digital air quality monitoring, making the effect of air purification be immediately visible 

Dual negative ion source generator with negative ion flow>3 million/sec

PM2.5 sensor module uses cutting-edge laser particle counting technology, ensuring rapid response and high measurement accuracy 

The automatic purification mode reduces the purifier power consumption and improves the energy-efficiency of the air purification

Powered by ARM® Cortex® -M embedded processor, enabling prompt/reliable display and mode switching 

DEME active purification technology effectively removes air pollutants, creating a protective zone of clean air

Filter-free design makes the purifier environmental-friendly

Operates with no ozone or radiation, beneficial to the user’s health


How It Works



  • DEME-PureVIS Air Monitoring Purifier employs DEME active air purification technology. Electrons are generated by the DEME negative ion module, released into air through two ports at the front and back of the purifier, and attached to the oxygen molecules to form negative oxygen ions.

  • The DEME active purification technology improves  the concentration of negative oxygen ions around the user, increasing their intake of healthy amount of negative oxygen ions. Negative oxygen ions have oxidation effect and can decompose and eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria, thereby cleaning the air.

  • Meanwhile,   the negative oxygen ions can attach themselves onto the pollutant or PM2.5 particles and make them negatively charged. The negatively charged PM2.5 or pollutant particles will descend and be collected by the metal base, surrounding ground, or sold surface with slight positive charge. As a result, the air is purified.

  • The purifier can be placed in a space close to the user, or seated in a fixed location as a stationary air purifier, providing continuous cleaning of air environment surrounding the user.The purifier can also be placed on a vehicle to improve the air quality for the driver and passengers.